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This farm has been continuously owned by family members since 1864. It is currently owned by Mike and Sarah who acquired the farm in 1991 after the passing of Mikes grandfather. The purpose of this website is to document the history of the farm, and the people who have owned and lived on the property.

The Meek clan were well known for their musical talents. More information on the musical side can be followed on the Meek Music link.

The Brian clan held this land for several generations. In 1901 they started their regime of this parcel when the Zehner estate was divided between the heirs. Their home still stands but is currently used for housing hobby interests.

Mike has his amatuer radio station (callsign N8OOU) located in the hobby house. He has a woodworking corner in the house, and a small rock shop located there.

Prior to the Brian regime the land was owned by the Zehner clan. They originally cleared the swampy, river bottom forest to expose fertile graising and crop land.

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